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We are an interior design team based in Calicut with a passion for creativity, Group combines extraordinary talent and global experiences to create spaces that can be as “cutting edge” or “timeless” as the exceptionality of each of its clients.

We believe in working with our clients to acquire an understanding of their aspirations and the culture they wish to create on time and on budget. We sit with our clients to understand and create a design something beautiful, something rare and something usable. Then an interior framework is developed to capture this vision and respond to the ongoing changes that underpin a constantly evolving market place.


We unlock interior design & ideas to match your style. We craft your home by decorating ideas & room colors. Our inspiring design creates an environment that plays a pivot role in advancement of an organization. .

Best Performance

Extensive knowledge of interior space, materials and furnishings to create environments that will engage, inspire and cater for the sustainment of an organization’s vision in a competitive market place.


We owe to create an experiences that are distinctive, compelling and of superb quality and individuality.

New Designs

We focus on new designs that are guided by art, craft, and technology with exquisite craftsmanship, Enameling and hand finishing.


We provide a wide range of interior design services that delivers on time and on budget.


Providing innovative, bespoke and human-centered residential/commercial and corporate office interior design services


We have an experience team in AUTOCAD who can provide the right support and advice to suits your individual needs.

2D Elevetion

Our great home designers provide 2D building architectural drawing to clients to the best way.

3D Elevetion

We design, draw visualizing architectural and interior design in 3D. Main objective of our team is to produce high quality photo-realistic 3D renderings.

Space Management

Our designers are dedicated to providing insightful interior solutions for the commercial workplace. A creative approach, with a commercial awareness enables them to create working environments that enhance and promote your business’s objectives and its culture.

Furniture Designing

We have furniture schemes for every budget, from high-end, bespoke fittings to affordable ranges. Working with a wide variety of furniture manufacturers, we bring you choice from vast and regularly updated products.

Interior Contract

We undertake all kind of interior contracting works for residential including interior and exterior landscape, commercial and corporate offices. Ensuring successful execution and delivery within the agreed time scale and budget.

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Mehrab Mandi
Star Care Hospital



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