Mehrab Arabic Restaurant

Apartment design
Royal Empress
August 01, 2019
Royale palm apartment
Royale Palm
July 08, 2019

A timeless, elegant and exotic experience that create an imaginative blend of Arab and contemporary embellishing style.

Project Details

Client : Mehrab Restaurant
Area: 2400 sqft
Location: Civil Station, Calicut, Kerala
Completion: Feb 05, 2019

The patterned pinpoints of light and shadow of the hanging lights throw around them make the area feel delightfully intimate.


A beautiful exotic arabic interior.

The restaurant has normal dining area and majlis (small cabinets). Richly hued large cloth swaged over seating of majlis location ads a strange touch, reminiscent of desert market tents.

Industrial framed magical coloured glass partition for the washroom and kitchen area to keep them in simple and muted tones. Cash counter and background of cash counter is wooden and elaborately carved with geometric pattern.